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              Medical Malpractice

Doctors in the protective suits and masks are examining the infected aging female patient

Did you or a loved one suffer serious injury or death because of medical negligence? This office has 30 years of experience in maximizing recoveries for those who were seriously hurt or killed by careless health care providers.  

Cases Handled

-Birth Injuries

-Delayed C-Section          

-Failure to Diagnose Cases

-Delayed Diagnosis Cases

-Surgical Errors

-Medication Errors

-Hospital Acquired Infections

-Implied Consent Violations

-Breaches of Standard of Care

-Nursing Home Negligence

-Hospital Falls                     





-Brain Damage

-Traumatic Brain Injury


-Cerebral Palsy



-Broken Bones

-Herniated Discs

-Nerve Damage

-Burn Injuries

-Muscle Injures

-Emotional and Psychological Injuries

-Other Injuries

What To
Expect with
a Medical Malpractice

Too often, medical mistakes are catastrophic and all too often the medical mistake was easily avoidable by the physician or health care facility, yet they will almost never admit their fault. Health care providers may also be tempted to alter records or engage in other misconduct in an effort to hide their mistakes. It's hard to imagine a greater time when someone needs an experienced attorney than when they are the victim of medical negligence. An aggressive and experienced attorney will know how to fight to ensure that justice is fully served and that you received the maximum compensation possible.

Contacting this office will allow you breathe free and easy, because you will have an immediate plan in place with us to document the injury, gather every record possible, hire the best experts, and preserve of all needed evidence. Chances are that you were referred to this office by someone you trust, who already knows from experience that you will be in the best hands possible by contacting this office.

Legal Fee

We're a phone call away! The initial consultation is free and there will be no pressure and no worries about anything. If you decide to hire this office then the fee agreement will be a "Contingent Fee Agreement" which means that there will be no legal fee if there is no recovery of money. If there is a recovery of money then the legal fee will be a percentage of the recovery (usually one-third of the total recovery, and sometimes 40% of the total recovery depending on the circumstances of the case)

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