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Dog Bites

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This office has successfully represented victims of dog bites and dog knock-down injuries for over 30 years. We have experience with every dog bite scenario, many of which seem complex, but not for us!

Cases Handled Include Injuries From:

-Dangerous Dog Violations

-Non-leashed dogs

-Improperly leashed dogs

-Improperly confined dogs

-Improperly trained dogs

-Chained dogs

-Human-aggressive Pit Bull Terriers

-Owners failure to control dog

-Custodian's failure to control dog

-Dogs allowed to run at large



-Brain Damage

-Traumatic Brain Injury



-Broken Bones

-Herniated Discs

-Nerve Damage

-Burn Injuries

-Muscle Injures

-Emotional and Psychological Injuries

-Other Injuries

What To
Expect After A Dog Bite

Dog bite injuries can be devastating and often result in multiple surgeries and extensive scarring and disfigurement. Almost every dog bite incident is caused by the dog owner's carelessness. Following a dog bite incident, dog owners often try to hide the truth about the dog's history and temperament. "He's never acted aggressively before" is a common dishonest statement of a negligent dog owner. A dog owner may even try to blame the victim, e.g. "you must have provoked him", in order to avoid liability. For these reasons amongst others it is critical to contact an experienced dog bite attorney as soon as possible to ensure that nobody twists the truth about what happened and to preserve all possible evidence, including all witness statements, preservation of any nearby video, and a full investigation of a dog's history and temperament. This way the victim of a dog bite can concentrate on recovery knowing that their attorney will gather all of the needed evidence and handle all of the worrying.

Contacting this office will allow you breathe free and easy, because you will have an immediate plan in place with us to document the injury, the cause of it, and preservation of all needed evidence. Questions about insurance and who is responsible for the dog will be handled by this well-experienced office! Chances are that you were referred to this office by someone you trust, who already knows from their own experience that you will be in the best hands possible by contacting this office.

Legal Fee

We're a phone call away! The initial consultation is free and there will be no pressure and no worries about anything. If you decide to hire this office then the fee agreement will be a "Contingent Fee Agreement" which means that there will be no legal fee unless there is a recovery of money. If there is a recovery of money then the legal fee will be a percentage of the recovery (usually one-third of the total recovery, and sometimes 40% of the total recovery depending on the circumstances of the case)

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